Saturday, January 15

#47 M.I.A.

Well, I've been M.I.A. for 2 months have I? Sorry.... no updates to be made... School life is boring.
CNY coming up.... my finals for the sem is ending soon!!! Can't wait for it to end, and celebrate our short freedom with my buddies from PMC~ woohooo! Too bad I have to leave the day right after exams in the morning. If not, could have spend more time with them.
These few days... been Kpop/Kdrama crazy again...
past 2 days been listening to G.NA songs. Her songs are really nice. And I don't really listen to girl groups or girl solo for Kpop. But really like her songs. Her first full album is gonna be out on the 18th, will totally download that. She had a mini album out. But first album has all the songs the mini album has too, so just gonna download that when it's released.
AND......... cause I've been watching Mischievous Kiss/ Playful Kiss /장난스런 카스... KIM HYUN JOONG! 김현중 오빠! X3 So been listening to SS501, and re-downloading their albums so that it's organised. finally. 현중 오빠 너무 멋지다, 진차 귀엽다! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ....
Wonder if I can go to South Korea before going off to Dublin this summer. 한국에 가고 싶어서!!! 정말 가고 싶은데!


  1. Dear~ Bring me to Koreaaaaaaaa.. Or at least, bring me a photo of Kim Hyun Joong! :P Oppaaaaa saranghe~~ Hahahaha

  2. ahah... go home I print one give you XP