Saturday, January 15

#47 M.I.A.

Well, I've been M.I.A. for 2 months have I? Sorry.... no updates to be made... School life is boring.
CNY coming up.... my finals for the sem is ending soon!!! Can't wait for it to end, and celebrate our short freedom with my buddies from PMC~ woohooo! Too bad I have to leave the day right after exams in the morning. If not, could have spend more time with them.
These few days... been Kpop/Kdrama crazy again...
past 2 days been listening to G.NA songs. Her songs are really nice. And I don't really listen to girl groups or girl solo for Kpop. But really like her songs. Her first full album is gonna be out on the 18th, will totally download that. She had a mini album out. But first album has all the songs the mini album has too, so just gonna download that when it's released.
AND......... cause I've been watching Mischievous Kiss/ Playful Kiss /장난스런 카스... KIM HYUN JOONG! 김현중 오빠! X3 So been listening to SS501, and re-downloading their albums so that it's organised. finally. 현중 오빠 너무 멋지다, 진차 귀엽다! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ....
Wonder if I can go to South Korea before going off to Dublin this summer. 한국에 가고 싶어서!!! 정말 가고 싶은데!

Sunday, November 14

#46 I realize...

I realized that I don't have anything to update when I have school compared to when I was on holiday... Both seems like boring repetitive lives... yet I don't know... more creative since I was bored during the holidays so there was some ideas to write?
Now I just don't know what to update my blog about. No random thoughts... No random ideas for a blog post.


Randomness: I wanna go shopping. FOR DRESSES. and a small handbag... and a pair of ballet flats.

Thursday, November 11

#45 Mid-terms

Sooo. I just finished my mid-terms. Physics and Chemistry is like easy. Cause you know the concepts, everything's a smooth ride. Had that on Monday.

Today, oh wait should be yesterday now... Wednesday. Had Biology and Integrated (which includes phy, chem and bio) exams. BIO WAS LIKE HELL. Lemme tell you about my Bio lecturer, Dr A. Dr A is "mad, absolutely mad", to quote my Phy lecturer, Dr C :) Know why she's mad? I'll tell you why... It's been like what, roughly 5 weeks into the semester/term and she has already covered 20 long chapters whereas in phy and chem, only 11/12 short chapters are covered. And bio is not like chem or phy ok. Bio it's all about FACTS, chem and phy, all about CONCEPTS. Huggeeee difference there. One you understand it, you get it and remember it. The other, you understand you don't understand you still can't freaking remember it. And for a one hour Short-Answer Paper (SAP), she expects us to write like a hell lot of information for 8 questions. She gives like only half mark a point or even a quarter mark per point. WTH LAH! She think so easy remember life cycles of some bacterias, fungi or sporozoas is it. Even if we go home and read it after she teaches that chapter, who can remember it. It takes lots of repetition, more answering of tutorial questions. And the tutorial questions she give? MCQs and True/False questions. How am I suppose to remember if I don't write it down for answering structural questions. BE CONSIDERATE LAH DR A. You think we got super memory is it?

Gone lah, bio exam. and integrated bio questions.

Friday, October 29

#44 HI!

First night I'm not rushing any assignments/tutorials or attempting to do any assignments/tutorials. Sooo, taking a break from dramas. been watching dramas one episode after another since I got back from uni/lunch. And since no drama, I'm bored. So let's give you an update shall we?

So where to start? Oh yeah, my mid terms gonna start in about a week. I'm dead. For bio at least.

And I got injured last saturday. Twice. Lost quite a bit of blood. One, from peeling an apple and accidentally peeling the tip of my left middle finger. That was painful, almost cried.
Second, went to the beach, climbed some rocks, slipped, stepped into the water panicking cause I didn't know how deep it was gonna be, right foot scraped the side of the rocks. After I stepped out of the water, felt pain on my foot so I looked down. BLOOD. covering my 3 last toes. Panicked. Friends ran to get clean water and tissue from the car while I stood on the rock bleeding and waiting. and trying to avoid the water from touching my bleeding foot. That was a bad day. Recovering from it now. Can say finger is fully healed though can still see the 'dent' in my finger where my flesh got cut off. Toes, looking erm, scabby with the scabs? It doesn't look that bad. Oh, and I just realized like two days ago, the part below my toes was swollen. double ouch. how hard did i hit the rock for it to get swollen.

What else to update? Nothing interesting happened to me, except for the getting injured part. so I shall leave it at that. Ta-ta!

Thursday, September 30

#43 Updates?

Ok, I don't think I have much to update bout my study life. Here's the normal routine of weekdays:
Wake up -> Go to college/uni -> Listen to boring lectures / Laugh a whole lot -> Go for lunch (either hawker or somewhere super expensive ><) -> Back to classes (for mon-wed) / Go home or hang out with classmates (thurs-fri) -> Eat dinner (cook myself or go down eat) -> Computer/Internet/Drama -> Sleep

So far, not much homework, assignments or quizzes yet. So practically if at home I'll be in my room on the computer. Nothing else to do =/

Weekends? No idea what to do. Besides church on Sundays...

Went to play badminton this afternoon with the gang (classmates). Had fun playing, been a while since I've done exercise :P Well besides the whole pilates thing I tried doing during my holiday. I'm gonna need some more sports clothes. Since we might be working out quite a bit? Since the girls wanna lose weight. But there's no need for me to do so. I need to gain weight!!! And I need to lose my pimples = 3=

Wonder when will the gang make like a day trip to Batu Feringgi. Hope soon. Before we start to not have the time to do so.

Oh yeah! We MIGHT have max 2 new students. But it's like not confirmed yet. I hope they come. Means more people! 14 ppl instead of 12! hah. PLZ COME, new students whoever you are, wherever you are~
One guy one girl, or two girls will be nice, but no two boys :P :P

Wednesday, September 22


Guess it's time for a little update about me being in Penang.
So had orientation on Monday, introductory lab session where we learned how to take blood pressure yesterday which was just like an hour only. Consider today, Wednesday the first official day of class :)

Oh yeah, so reached here last Friday. Saturday went to Batu Feringgi or however you spell it. Met Samuel, that's my nephew that same day too. Sunday went to church, met the members, arranged my transport to church... went up to Penang hill but it was closed due to like upgrades and stuff. So practically that's exploring Penang for me and my family.

Now on to college. SOOO, my foundation year course has 12 people. You saw it right. 12. Twelve. 十二. Dua Belas. Don't doubt your eyes. We're the smallest group ever. So we gotta like bond. Exactly 6 girls, 6 guys. The first 2 days the guys and girls didn't really mix around. except for Sam that is. He's a friendly guy and talks a lot :) So yeah, today's the 3rd day, we finally got to hang out both guys and girls. We went out for lunch to Gurney plaza. We had like 1 hour plus to grab our lunch. Gurney's like 5-10 mins drive? Not sure. It's like 2/3 km away lah... So we went there, went to this newly opened place called Clinic Cafe. Kinda cool area. Like a hospital. Hah. so we like ordered and ask for them to have our food delivered fast fast cause by the time we were done ordering we had like slightly more than half an hour till class began. Needless to say, we were late and 3 of the girls had to 'dabao' their food. First language class and we were 10 minutes late. OOPS. Thing was, one guy didn't come along so like 11 of us were late =/ But we had fun :))

That's all for now. Will update more bout life in Penang. hopefully

Wednesday, September 15

#41 Cold blooded animal

Happy :)
Sad :(
Excited :D
Nervous =S
Anxiety =/
Worry =\
Scared :'(

Going off to Penang soon...
I feel nothing.
My parents, my brother, sister, friends...
They all asked me how do I feel. 
I tell them I'm excited. 
Cause they expect me to be so.
But the truth is...
I feel nothing. =|
I'm a cold blooded animal.