Thursday, November 11

#45 Mid-terms

Sooo. I just finished my mid-terms. Physics and Chemistry is like easy. Cause you know the concepts, everything's a smooth ride. Had that on Monday.

Today, oh wait should be yesterday now... Wednesday. Had Biology and Integrated (which includes phy, chem and bio) exams. BIO WAS LIKE HELL. Lemme tell you about my Bio lecturer, Dr A. Dr A is "mad, absolutely mad", to quote my Phy lecturer, Dr C :) Know why she's mad? I'll tell you why... It's been like what, roughly 5 weeks into the semester/term and she has already covered 20 long chapters whereas in phy and chem, only 11/12 short chapters are covered. And bio is not like chem or phy ok. Bio it's all about FACTS, chem and phy, all about CONCEPTS. Huggeeee difference there. One you understand it, you get it and remember it. The other, you understand you don't understand you still can't freaking remember it. And for a one hour Short-Answer Paper (SAP), she expects us to write like a hell lot of information for 8 questions. She gives like only half mark a point or even a quarter mark per point. WTH LAH! She think so easy remember life cycles of some bacterias, fungi or sporozoas is it. Even if we go home and read it after she teaches that chapter, who can remember it. It takes lots of repetition, more answering of tutorial questions. And the tutorial questions she give? MCQs and True/False questions. How am I suppose to remember if I don't write it down for answering structural questions. BE CONSIDERATE LAH DR A. You think we got super memory is it?

Gone lah, bio exam. and integrated bio questions.

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