Friday, October 29

#44 HI!

First night I'm not rushing any assignments/tutorials or attempting to do any assignments/tutorials. Sooo, taking a break from dramas. been watching dramas one episode after another since I got back from uni/lunch. And since no drama, I'm bored. So let's give you an update shall we?

So where to start? Oh yeah, my mid terms gonna start in about a week. I'm dead. For bio at least.

And I got injured last saturday. Twice. Lost quite a bit of blood. One, from peeling an apple and accidentally peeling the tip of my left middle finger. That was painful, almost cried.
Second, went to the beach, climbed some rocks, slipped, stepped into the water panicking cause I didn't know how deep it was gonna be, right foot scraped the side of the rocks. After I stepped out of the water, felt pain on my foot so I looked down. BLOOD. covering my 3 last toes. Panicked. Friends ran to get clean water and tissue from the car while I stood on the rock bleeding and waiting. and trying to avoid the water from touching my bleeding foot. That was a bad day. Recovering from it now. Can say finger is fully healed though can still see the 'dent' in my finger where my flesh got cut off. Toes, looking erm, scabby with the scabs? It doesn't look that bad. Oh, and I just realized like two days ago, the part below my toes was swollen. double ouch. how hard did i hit the rock for it to get swollen.

What else to update? Nothing interesting happened to me, except for the getting injured part. so I shall leave it at that. Ta-ta!

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