Wednesday, September 15

#41 Cold blooded animal

Happy :)
Sad :(
Excited :D
Nervous =S
Anxiety =/
Worry =\
Scared :'(

Going off to Penang soon...
I feel nothing.
My parents, my brother, sister, friends...
They all asked me how do I feel. 
I tell them I'm excited. 
Cause they expect me to be so.
But the truth is...
I feel nothing. =|
I'm a cold blooded animal.


  1. Aww... Don't worry about that dear. You need not feel anything before that but when you reach there, make sure you have fun. =)

  2. Dear, how're you over there? Didn't see you online or anything. I miss you!! T^T

  3. hi kh dear~ miss ya too~ come here will only feel one thing. HOMESICK! >_<
    Me didn't online cause didn't had internet until yesterday + whole day out...