Wednesday, September 22


Guess it's time for a little update about me being in Penang.
So had orientation on Monday, introductory lab session where we learned how to take blood pressure yesterday which was just like an hour only. Consider today, Wednesday the first official day of class :)

Oh yeah, so reached here last Friday. Saturday went to Batu Feringgi or however you spell it. Met Samuel, that's my nephew that same day too. Sunday went to church, met the members, arranged my transport to church... went up to Penang hill but it was closed due to like upgrades and stuff. So practically that's exploring Penang for me and my family.

Now on to college. SOOO, my foundation year course has 12 people. You saw it right. 12. Twelve. 十二. Dua Belas. Don't doubt your eyes. We're the smallest group ever. So we gotta like bond. Exactly 6 girls, 6 guys. The first 2 days the guys and girls didn't really mix around. except for Sam that is. He's a friendly guy and talks a lot :) So yeah, today's the 3rd day, we finally got to hang out both guys and girls. We went out for lunch to Gurney plaza. We had like 1 hour plus to grab our lunch. Gurney's like 5-10 mins drive? Not sure. It's like 2/3 km away lah... So we went there, went to this newly opened place called Clinic Cafe. Kinda cool area. Like a hospital. Hah. so we like ordered and ask for them to have our food delivered fast fast cause by the time we were done ordering we had like slightly more than half an hour till class began. Needless to say, we were late and 3 of the girls had to 'dabao' their food. First language class and we were 10 minutes late. OOPS. Thing was, one guy didn't come along so like 11 of us were late =/ But we had fun :))

That's all for now. Will update more bout life in Penang. hopefully

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