Thursday, September 30

#43 Updates?

Ok, I don't think I have much to update bout my study life. Here's the normal routine of weekdays:
Wake up -> Go to college/uni -> Listen to boring lectures / Laugh a whole lot -> Go for lunch (either hawker or somewhere super expensive ><) -> Back to classes (for mon-wed) / Go home or hang out with classmates (thurs-fri) -> Eat dinner (cook myself or go down eat) -> Computer/Internet/Drama -> Sleep

So far, not much homework, assignments or quizzes yet. So practically if at home I'll be in my room on the computer. Nothing else to do =/

Weekends? No idea what to do. Besides church on Sundays...

Went to play badminton this afternoon with the gang (classmates). Had fun playing, been a while since I've done exercise :P Well besides the whole pilates thing I tried doing during my holiday. I'm gonna need some more sports clothes. Since we might be working out quite a bit? Since the girls wanna lose weight. But there's no need for me to do so. I need to gain weight!!! And I need to lose my pimples = 3=

Wonder when will the gang make like a day trip to Batu Feringgi. Hope soon. Before we start to not have the time to do so.

Oh yeah! We MIGHT have max 2 new students. But it's like not confirmed yet. I hope they come. Means more people! 14 ppl instead of 12! hah. PLZ COME, new students whoever you are, wherever you are~
One guy one girl, or two girls will be nice, but no two boys :P :P

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